Feb 19
Pacific Rim 2016

​CSG was at the forefront again when four gymnasts and CSG coaches Amanda Johanson and Mary Wright were named to the team to compete at the 2016 Pacific Rim Championships.

This competition is in Everett Wa, USA from 8th to 10 April.

CSG Gymnasts named are Courtney McGregor, Mackenzie Slee, Charlotte Sullivan and Junior Stella Ashcroft. Estella Mathewson from Harbour make up the team of five.

Manager and HOD for the NZL team is Avril Enslow also CSG.

Mar 09
Gymnix - Day 5

​ Tonight Montreal is changing to daylight saving!!!!!!!!!!! There are still huge snow drifts everywhere, it seems strange, but the locals are pleased to have an extra hour of "daylight". temperatures are still below zero and snow is expected on Sunday.
Off to the gym for the Junior International Cup, another 30 minute bus ride.
25 gymnasts lined up for the Junior competition. No fringes, 23 pony tails and 2 buns. Not a plait to be seen - french or otherwise. Millie stood out in her purple glittery leotard the others were in mainly white, red, blue colours.

Mar 08
Gymnix - Day 4

​Competition day. The gymnasts are sleeping in each day which is great as we do not get back to the hotel until after 9pm. Millie had only training so went to the gym first and the seniors came later after lunch.  The gymnasts presented themselves well and after a long drawn out warm up we were under way. NZ was the first group to warm up and compete on every apparatus, no flip flopping :) there were 8 or 9 gymnasts in every group and these were divided into 2.
The gilrs said that they were surprised that it went so quick, they were worried that it would be drawn out. It could have been as there were computer problems. The competition was organised extremely well, although the computer scoring went down many, many times. A manual back up enabled us to continue judging without having the gymnasts wait. A good lesson for any competition director.
There were some great performances in the meet, although there were many falls and errors as well from many of the teams. This was a great competition for gymnasts to compete new skills and sequences, Canada had just had their Elite Nationals a few weeks earlier so they were competition ready and it showed with them taking out 1, 2 and 3.

nz line up.jpg

Montreal living - It is noticeable that there are a number of beggars in the streets asking for 50 or 80 cents and we have 3  homeless men that have taken up residence across the street. A few blankets, sleeping bags and cardboard wouldn't seem to keep out much of the cold. We don't see many smokers either, but they are there - puffing away in doorways in the very cold temperatures.

Tagging - this is a french city but the tagging looks the same as in NZ.

Mar 07
Gymnix - Day 3

​Today we had scheduled 2 trainings which meant 2 hours on the bus! The first training was in the basement at Gymnix and the 2nd was at the ground floor arena on the competition podium.
This arena has space and is well set out. Two beams was a bonus especially as each group was split into a sub group of 4 or 5. The equipment got the gymnasts approval.
Spending so much time on the bus gave us a great chance to view Montreal. It was fascinating to see so many apartment blocks usually 3 storied with a basement apartment as well. Outside stairs went up to the 2nd level and there was discussion about how to get to the 3rd! It was interesting to see the 'tents' for the cars and around the front doors - with temperatures down to minus 20 you need to help kep the weather out.
We were all worried about the weather before we arrived - I mean how does anyone live in a place that has temperatures seriously in the minus?? But it isn't so bad. The possum and merino gloves, hat and scarf are a necessity of course, your ears burn if you don't have a hat! But as it is sunny and dry with no wind it is not so bad. It is strange to see bike stands with bikes in them though - some of which are still buried halfway in snow! We haven't seen any motorcycles though.
It has been frustrating to work out the prices here, what is posted is not the price - you have to add on the tax, and then in a restaurant to compulsory tip! The eftpos machine gives you the price plus tax, then asks you for the percentage tip you want to give! So a cheap meal at Can$16.80 turns into a nearly $22 result.

Mar 06
Gymnix - Day 2

​Arrived early in Montreal and we were met by the organising committe and transported to the hotel. Walking to the transport was a wake up at minus 15 - however it was amazing as there was no wind. Our ears burned with the cold but it was not as bad as we thought.
The city and areas looked grey and the dirty snow banks were very high, grit all over the roads and lots of traffic. It was 8am. I noticed the huge amount of graffitti everywhere - who would do that at these temperatures? Our school french came in handy - Kyoto est morte!

Early check wow that doesn't happen very often - well done Gymnix. A much needed horizontal few hours then up and off to first training - a club gymnastic centre in a huge sporting complex called Complexe Claude Robilliard. 21 High Performance sports are here, 13 clubs! The gymnastics centre is on the lower floor. We followed the Swedish team - it saved us asking for directions.
Gymnix club had an interesting set up - a club focusing on high performance with a small area of the 30m x 40m for preschool and recreational mixed in to the artistic WAG only area.
The floor area was well set up and relatively clean, probably due to the air conditioning sucking the chalk out of the air - most but not all - it was a gym after all.
The gymnasts had a great stretch out and short session on apparatus and then off to another 30 minute ride on a north american school bus back to the hotel.montreal snow.jpg

Mar 05
Gymnix Day 1

Heading to Gymnix.jpg

The NZ WAG team of 7 headed off to Gymnix International in Montreal. It was to be a long trip - 9 nights away and only 6 in a bed!
Arrived in Los Angeles ahead of time - great as we had a layover of 9 hours! luckily Google had already advised us of a great way to spend those layover hours more profitably, so off on the free bus shuttle to the bus transit to catch a $1 bus to Santa Monica Beach. $1 for a bus ride that took almost an hour - wow. However if you only had a $5 or $20 that was what it cost no change on these buses.
Santa Monica pier is the end of route 66, who knew that! This pier is a little bit more substantial than New Brighton's and it was nice to look back on the city and along the coast. It wasn't the warmest day and after a great dinner at one of the restaurants (south west salad - yum) it was back on the bus to LAX but this time in about half an hour.
The gymnasts spent about 2 hours doing their homework on the floor and then on the Air Canada plane for the 5 hour trip to Montreal. It was a it bumpy and we should always remember to pack our own airplugs on non Air NZ flights. You also have to purchase your own food and it was an international flight! Just as well it was 2am NZL time and a great time for a bit of snooze. This time it was Brittany that was up catching yet another movie!

end of route 66.jpgHanna Santa Monica.jpg

Feb 19
Pacific Rim Team named

​Today GSNZ named 4 gymnasts and 3 officials form CSG in the WAG team to Pac Rim. Kyleab Ellis joins the teams as the only MAG from the South Island.