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​​​2013 Competitive Year

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2013 CSG Prizegiving

Highest Average Mark CSG Comp (Jun) Lily Bainbridge
Highest Average Mark CSG Comp (Int) - Tina-Anne Pooly TrophyGabriella Smith
Best Senior Performance CSG CompCharlotte Sullivan
Highest Average Mark MAG CSG Comp( Jun) Malaki Bojang
Highest Average Mark MAG CSG Comp (Senior)Joshua Springer
Higest Average Mark Intermediate MAG - IAG Coombes TrophyJack Williamson
Best Senior MAG Gymnast - NationalsWilliam Fraser
Best Junior MAG Gymnast - NationalsJack Williamson
Highest Average Mark Jnr Nationals - Kathryn Mears CupTaylor McCaughan
Highest Average Mark Snr Nationals - Avril Enslow TrophyNoelle Watanabe
Best Competitive Achievement Trampoline - SeniorAnna Urquhart
Amelia Walker Trophy ( Performance Award ) Rosie Griffioen
Gymnast of the Year - Tumbling. Best Performance of the Year - Alf Holt TrophyIzzy Hughes
Step 1 Gymnast of the YearLily Bainbridge
Step 1 Most ImprovedTatiana Robinson
Level 1 MAG Gymnast of the YearRyan Marsh
Level 1 & 2 MAG Most Improved Gymnast of the yearXavier Connolly
IDP1 Gymnast of the yearMcKenna Bowden
IDP1 Most Improved Hannah Johanson
Step 2 Dedicated to Training - Johnson TrophyAlisa Wada
Most Improved - Moir TrophyKura Cassidy
Step 2 Gymnast of the Year - Maree Diver TrophyNiamh Cunningham
Step 2 Most Improved Taylah Holdem
Level 2 MAG Gymnast of the yearMitchell Young
Most improved Junior Male GymnastStefan Capatina
IDP2 Gymnast of the yearJuliette Gray
IDP2 Most Improved Piper Renaud
Step 3 Gymnast of the yearAmy Kirk
Step 3 Most Improved Ayliah McCallum
Best Performance Step 3-IAG CUP Senna Taiaroa
Level 3 MAG Gymnast of the YearEvan Dale
Level 3 MAG Most ImprovedMalaki Bojang
Step 4 Gymnast of the Year - Barbara Joseph TrophyZulfiah Kitson
Step 4 Most Improved Bailey McCaughan
Level 4 MAG Gymnast of the yearLuke Stevens
Level 4 MAG Most ImprovedCole Stevens
IDP3 Gymnast of the YearSian Stevens
Step 5 Gymnast of the YearGabriella Smith
Step 5 Most Improved Sola Woodhouse
Step 5 Achievers Intermediate WAG - Roberts Family TrophyTaylor McCaughan
Attitude to Training Boys - Woods TrophyMatthew Mitchell
Level 5 MAG Gymnast of the YearMax Renaud
Level 5 MAG Most Improved ( Intermediate ) Thomas MacGibbon
Trampoline Most Improved JuniorOlympia Hodgson
Trampoline Most Improved Form - IAG Caroline Neat trophyOlympia Hodgson
Double Mini Trampoline - Most OutstandingSam Hall
Double Mini Trampoline - Most ImprovedScott Phillips
Step 6 Gymnast of the YearMillie Cleghorn
Step 6 Most Improved Sarah Fraser
Level 6 MAG Gymnast of the YearJack Williamson
Intermediate MAG Most ImprovedJacob Smith
Trampoline Most Dilgent Athlete - Meates TrophyKristina Orr
Trampoline Rising StarLuisa Birkenhake
Rising Star - Artistic - John Painter TrophyMax Renaud
Rising Star - Artistic - Paula Smit Memorial TrophyCharleis Kingston-White
Outstanding Effort Boys - JuniorBen Harris
Conditioning CupMilla Woolman-Smith
Trampoline Senior Form - IAG TrophyAnna Urquhart
Trampoline - Improved Difficulty - Greg Stewart TrophyScott Phillips
Best Junior Beam - Johanna Gray Memorial TrophyLily Bainbridge
Artistic Performance - Floor & Beam - Kathryn Moore TrophyMillie Williamson
Excellence on floor - Kay Nicholson Trophy Lauren Stapylton-Smith
MAG HBKyleab Ellis
Best Senior Bar Worker of the Year - Kirsten Hall TrophyCharlotte Sullivan
Excellence on floor Int- Peggy Marsden Cup Isobel Owens & Taylor McCaughan
Most Dilgent Athlete - Artistic - Meates TrophyAnna Tempero
Senior MAG Achievers AwardPeter Nicholls
MAG Vault Callum Roberts TrophyJack Williamson
Best Vaulter of the year - Mel Fergus TrophyCourtney McGregor
Best Competitive Achievement - Rings- Jeff McLaughlin TrophyAaron Clutterbuck
IDP 5 Gymnast of the Year Avalon Boyce
Step 7 Gymnast of the YearNoelle Watanabe
Step 7 Most ImprovedPalenque Doddington
Level 7 MAG Gymnast of the YearWilliam Fraser
Best Conduct Boy - SeniorRyan Jeffs
Step 8 Gymnast of the Year - Mary Robinson MemorialTrophyImogen Hoani
Step 8 Most ImprovedCatrina Hurring
Level 8 Gymnast MAG Gymnast of the Year Joshua Springer
Step 9 Gymnast of the Year - Maree and Kirsten Hall TrophySophie Inwood
Step 9 Most ImprovedOlivia Brett
IDP 10 Gymnast of the YearCharleis Kingston-White
Most Improved Elite Courtney McGregor
Most Improved Senior Male Kyleab Ellis
Step 10 Gymnast of the YearRosie Griffioen
Step 10 Most ImprovedParis Kingston-White
Gymnast of the Year Junior International - Alf and Paula Smit TrophyMillie Williamson
Most Improved Senior Junior International- Kathryn Hughes TrophyMackenzie Slee
Trampoline - Gymnast of the Year- Male - IAG TrophyScott Phillips
Trampoline - Gymnast of the Year - Women - CSG TrophyAnna Urquhart
Gymnast of the Year Senior MaleAaron Clutterbuck
Int Elite Gymnast of the yearAnna Tempero
Ten Year AwardJorden O'Connell-Inns
Most Valuable Club member - Maree Diver trophyPaul Stevens
Coach of the Year - WAGTamika McCallum
Coach of the Year - MAGToby Levine
Coach of the Year - TrampolineJohn Howe
All Round Coach /Gymnast Trophy The Cummings Family TrophyRachel Szentivanyi
Sportsmanship - Fenton Family TrophyToby Levine
Staff Member- Service Award 10 yearsRoberta Massey
Staff Member- Service Award 10 yearsMarie Lakin
Judges AwardJanice Belgrave
Overall CSG Gymnast of the Year - Jim & Anne Ryan TrophyCharlotte Sullivan