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Aerobics Classes

Sport Aerobics is a high intensity competitive sport, combining skills from gymnastics, dance and cheerleading.  Our classes will be fun, and deliver the foundation skills and movements within the sport. Try something different and give Sport Aerobics a go!

​3-4 yearsAero Kinder

$110.00 / 9 weeks / 50 mins

Friday 11:30-12:20pm
CSG West Campus
03 343 4950
​5-13 years
Aero Kids

$135.00 / 9 weeks / 1 hr

Friday 3:30-4:30pm
CSG West Campus
03 343 4950

Call now to book your place and start your Sport Aerobics Journey.

Watch our Very own Jess Gibbson to see what its all about.