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​Teen Gym & Adult Drop In Classes

Teen Gym 12-18yrs

Teen Gym is designed especially to provide gymnastics to teenagers with a wide range of abilities without the confinement of any specific programme structure. Teen Gym provides a safe environment and an opportunity for gymnasts to come and practice the skills that THEY want to work on, whilst getting advice from qualified and enthusiastic coaches.

This session is best suited for teens who prefer to experiment at a variety of skills to achieve personal goals rather than achieving programme goals. Perhaps you are a snowboarder, dancer, retired gymnast or trampolinist, NCEA student or just keen on sports activities. Whatever your interests or goals, we are here to make it happen and also to have fun too! So, come along - this is a great class to socialise with new and old friends and learn some skills at the same time!

Teen Gym (12-18 yrs), $18 per session ($155 for 10 sessions concession cards available)

Age​​ Class

Day / Time

Venue Action
12-18 yearsTeen Gym​Friday 6.00-8.00pmCSG West Campus
Drop in, $18 per session

12-18 years

Teen Gym

Sunday 4:00 - 6:00pm

QEII Campus

Drop in, $18 per session

There are NO Teen Gym classes on public holidays.

Adult Drop In Classes (16+) - Get fit while having fun! Practice snowboarding during off-season.

No experience necessary. These classes are unstructured - supervised, but not coached. Coaches are on hand to assist, give pointers and observe safe practices. You are responsible for your own training and safety. 16+ years of age, (no persons under 16 years of age are allowed to attend unless they are with a supervised group booking!)

Adult Drop In Class (16+ yrs), $15 per session ($130 for 10 sessions concession cards available)

Age Class

Day / Time

Venue Action

16+ years

Adult Drop In

Sunday 6:00 - 8:00pm

QEII Campus,
Travis Rd, Burwood

Drop in

$15.00 per session

16+ yearsAdult Drop InWednesday 8:00 - 10:00pmCSG West Campus
18 Watts Rd, Sockburn

Drop in

$15.00 per session

There are NO adult classes on public holidays.

Enquiries phone 388-6616

 or e-mail us.

Classes occasionally do not run in school holidays. Please check with us by calling reception on 388-6616.