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Gymnastics and trampolining for school groups

For further information, or to book our programme, please email Jane Clark on or telephone on ph (03) 3434950.

For over 18 years CSG has delivered more gymnastics to school groups than any other club in New Zealand. In 2010, 13300 children enjoyed 37,000 hours of gymnastics and trampolining. CSG teaches more school programme gymnastics than any other club in New Zealand — classes are consistently successful for all age groups.

The Ministry of Education and SPARC encourages schools to become a physically active community through regular, enjoyable and well planned physical activity programmes. A high quality physical education programme not only improves physical health, but also enhances social, interpersonal and academic development.

Schools can provide more and superior physical activity opportunities for their students when they share the responsibility with other organisations such as other schools, clubs and community organisations.

Our school gymnastics programme is based on a general gymnastic approach that is fun, challenging and fundamental for a child's growth and development. Our specially trained staff present a programme which provides a sound basis for further skill development across all aspects of the physical education programme.

From a teacher with 14 years experience:

"Our middle school have visited for the last 5 years or so because of your high quality coaches and programme. I really value how you build onto each skill for each apparatus each week. Many thanks."

From Queenspark School:

“Participating in gymnastics encourages our children to push themselves out of their comfort zones, take risks, be brave and perservere. Our children get to practice their gross motor skills and coordination which helps make left and right brain connections, this benifits all areas learning areas. Our children also learn that gymnastics and exercise is fun and promotes health and wellbeing." (2017)

From the Principal of Wainoni Primary School:

“Our students have always responded favorably to gymnastics programmes. They do well and are focused and really excited about the environment. It is such an adventure for them to attend”

From a Japanese Play Group:

"We would like to say thank you for today's session with three fantastic instructors guided us. We all enjoyed every movement and it was great fun. It's certainly successful day out, we all wish keep in touch in the future.
Once again, thank you for all your staff members. See you again next year."


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Aim of our schools programmes

Welcome to the wonderful world of gymnastics and its related sports. Our structured circuit based programmes will delight and challenge whilst teaching the fundamental physical skills required for today’s children.

The development of awareness and competency with the dominant movement patterns is the focus of our programmes and we approach this from a philosophical frame work consisting of fun, fitness and learning the fundamentals of gymnastics

Our programmes are designed to suit ages:

  • Have a Go Sessions (Preschool, Primary School or High School):

This is a one off visit to our facility for a "Have A Go" gymnastics experience on our comprehensive range of gymnastics apparatus under our professional coaches strict supervision. We intend this to be a fun time for the students, hopefully encouraging further participation and interest in our sport. We usually recommend this as a 90 minute visit with 2 classes. The session includes a warm up, stretch, various (4-6) apparatus circuits and a warm down to conclude.

For Preschool providers, we recommend a 1 hour session and a 1.5 hour session for the Primary and Secondary school providers.

  • Skills Certificate (Primary or High School):

These are usually 6 x1 hour sessions or 4x1.5 hour sessions. More in-depth coaching of skills and sequences is done and certificates at the appropriate level are available upon completion.

  • Gymsports New Zealand -9 years and up:

This requires more precise coaching of the routines and skills. 8 x1 hour sessions are necessary to complete the awards and some practice may be required at school. Assessment must be done by a qualified GSNZ Judge. Participation does not guarantee a pass on the assessment. Successful participants may purchase a badge from us, which can then be worn proudly on your school uniform.

  • ​Skills Assessments:

A programme of gymnastic skills based on the 6 dominate movement patterns are worked through the appropriate age level. The assessments are carried out by our coaches and are available for school records if the students complete 6 x 1 hour or 4 x 1.5 hour sessions.

  • If none of the above suit you:

​​Then what about..............​

  • A programme tailored to meet your requirements
  • training for primary school gymnastics competitions


We have 2 venues - our purpose built gymnastic facility of 850sqm at QEII (yes, we are very much open), and our secondary venue located at 18 Watts Road, Sockburn

QEII Venue - QEII Park, Travis Rd, Burwood, Christchurch

Our main venue is situated within the grounds of QEII Park. We are the only fully set-up purpose built Gymnastic Gymnasium in Canterbury which includes a Sprung Floor, 8 Balance Beams, 5 sets of Uneven Bars, Single Rails, 2 vault tables, Mini Tramps, a 10m Tumble Trampoline, 3 sets of Parallel Bars, a set of Rings, a Euro Trampoline, and Pommel Horses and various bucks and mushrooms. Most popular however is the 2m deep sponge pit. We have a large range of exciting modified equipment for younger children and preschoolers.

CSG West Campus - 18 Watts Road, Sockburn, Christchurch

CSG West is our secondary venue in the West of Christchurch. We have moved from Birmingham Drive to newer bigger better premises housing all sorts of gymnastics equipment and a large selection of trampoline and tumbling equipment - 6 full sized trampolines, 2 double mini tramps, and a rod floor tumbling strip. It also has a large range of exciting modified equipment for younger children and preschoolers, as well as full sized equipment for all ages, and can cater to special needs children.


We provide adult GNZ accredited coaches and aim to maintain a coach ratio of approx 1:10 children. Our experienced coaches have a wealth of technical expertise and the ability to teach the fun and safe aspects of Gymnastics.


Dress for physical activity and comfort .ie

  • Tracksuit or T shirt and shorts/ bike pants
  • Bare feet in the gym


  • Jeans , dresses , buckles, belts, zippers
  • Jewellery, wrist watches or anything that will scratch the gymnast, coaches, or equipment


$4.95 + GST, per 60 minute session per person

$6.75 + GST, per 90 minute session per person

For further information, or to book our programme, please email Jane Clark on or telephone on ph (03) 3434950.


It is possible to have a mix of ages in the programmes, as children are divided into groups of 10 approx.

Our club is a non profit organisation here for the promotion of gymnastics and its related whole body movement programmes.

The development of awareness and competency with the dominent movement patterns ​is the focus of our programmes. We approach this from a philosophical frame work consisting of fun, fitness and learning the fundamentals of gymnastics.

The children are provided with the opportunity to experience a large variety of movement in a supportive and structured environment.

Schools who have visited our Gym:

Amberley School
Aranui Primary School
Avonhead Playcentre
Bamford Primary School
Banks Avenue School
Belfast Kindergarten
Bromley kindergarten
Burwood Oscar Group
Burwood School
Cashmere Primary School
Cashmere Kindergarten
Central New Brighton School
Christchurch Polytechnic
Chisnallwood Intermediate
Christchurch Adventist School
Christchurch Polytechnic
Christchurch Girls High
Discovery1 School
Elmwood Normal School
Emmanual Christian School
Fendalton Primary
Freeville School
Graduate College of Education
Halswell Kindergarten
Hare Krishna Primary School
Heaton Intermediate School
Home Educators
Ilam School
Japanese Play Group

Kirkwood Primary School

Ladbrooks School

Landsdown Kindergarten

Learning Curve
Montessori Kindy

Learning Curve
Montessori Kindy
Lindinsfarm Crèche
Linwood College
Linwood East play Centre
Linwood Kindergarten
Lyttleton Main School
Marshland School

Medbury School
Mt Pleasant Kindy
Mt Pleasant School
Ngaire Larcombe Kindergarten
New Zealand Graduate School of Education
North Loburn School
North New Brighton
North New Brighton Kids First Kindergarten
North New Brighton School
Northcote primary School
Nova Montessori Primary
NZ Graduate College
Ohoka School
Opawa School
Our Lady of Fatima
Ouruhia School
Paparoa Street Primary School
Parklands Play Centre
Parklands School
Parkview Primary School
Pitcairn Crescent Kindergarten
Portsmouth Kindergarten
Queenspark Kindergarten
Queenspark Primary School
Rangi Ruru Girls School
Redcliffs School
Redwood School
Reefton School
Richmond School
Rutland Street Kindergarten
Sefton Primary School
Selwyn House
Selwyn Street Kindergarten
Shirley Boys High School
Shirley Kindergarten
Shirley Primary
Somerfield School
South New Brighton Kindergarten
South New Brighton School

Spreydon Primary
Springhill School
Spring Field School
St Andrews College
St Andrews Preparatory School
St Bedes College
St Margarets Girls School
St Marks School
St Pauls School
St Peters School
Our Lady Star of the Sea
Sunbeam Kindergarten
Sumner School
Tai Tapu School
Te Hohepa
Te Kura Kaupapa Maori School
Te Kura Kotuku
Tuahiwi School
Van Asch School for the Deaf
Waimairi Primary
Wainoni School
Wainoni Kindergarten
Westburn School
Windsor School
Woolston Community Group
Woolston Primary School
YMCA Holiday Programme
Youth Training Centre