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moveMprove - The Essential Foundation Movement Programme

Proudly developed by GymSports NZ, delivered to you by

Christchurch School of Gymnastics

GymSports New Zealand has developed the moveMprove® foundation skills programme that is delivered by our trained movement specialists in either on school grounds (no buses needed!), in our gymsports club or in other available community venues (when required) to upskill young children (3-10 years) in their fundamental movement competence. The programme builds movement skills for life in a fun and engaging way by developing each of the 7 fundamental movement skills children need to move well – Statics, Landing, Spring, Rotation, Swing, Locomotion and Manipulative Skills.

The moveMprove® programme enables children to become more competent at movement, empowering them with the ability to participate in their chosen sport or activity at a more skilful level. Additionally, an expected result is that children will be healthier, happier, with improved academic abilities.

Each session is 45mins-1hour long and can be delivered over 1-8 weeks. Our club brings all required equipment for the delivery of the sessions. Our trained coaches do all session planning and lead the movement sessions. For school groups and early childhood centres, the teachers are required to be apart of the sessions. This is for two reasons:

  1. The teacher is able to monitor and assess the children's development of the Key Competencies described in the New Zealand Curriculum, which is seen throughout the lessons.
  2. The teacher gains professions development themselves in learning how to teach foundation movement skills safely, and gives them a variety of ideas relating to how to develop the 7 fundamental movement patterns in their classroom and P.E sessions after the delivery has finished.

To have a look at the programme in action, and for more information on the development of the programme and how it develops children, see our YouTube clip by clicking HERE.

Is it really making a positive difference to kids? The relationship between improved movement skills and moveMprove® has been assessed and is clearly displayed in the table below.  These results are from pre and post assessments that have been undertaken across the country in 2011 and 2012.  Participants are assessed in the first and last week of the moveMprove® programme on their ability to do 2 of the 7 fundamental movement patterns.

Ability is assessed as follows:

Attempt:       I try it

Learn:           I know it

Competent:    I can do it

Mastery:       I can use it



 Pre Assessment resultsPost Assessment results
FMPAttemptLearnCompetentMasterTotalAttemptLearnCompetentMaster Total
Manipulative Skills04036278017441778


For further information, including a "educators" and "parents" guide to moveMprove®, as well as the promotion flyer, please see the GymSports New Zealand website by clicking HERE.

If you think the children from your child's School or Early Childhood Centre, or the School or Centre you work in might benefit from this programme, don't hesitate to get in touch with us. We'd love to talk to you further about how we can delivery moveMproveÒ to your children so they can get the physical, mental, and social skills this programme develops.
Janice Belgrave is our local moveMprove coordinator, please contact her by emailing